How to Introduce the Double Bass to Children?

Answer Music is a great way to gain the interest of children and involve them in an activity. Most children love instruments and learning about them. With an enthusiastic and interactive approach, you can... Read More »

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How to Care for the Double Bass?

Caring for a double bass requires little effort, but great attention to detail. Every time you use your instrument, the strings and bridge should be properly cleaned and the body of the bass should... Read More »

How to Set up a Double Bass Pedal?

When you first open you're double bass kit it will look very complicated and almost impossible to make, but it is rather easy.

How to Play Vibrato on the Double Bass?

Vibrato is a musical technique that takes a given pitch and bends it up and down quickly, alternating between sharp and flat in succession, and oftentimes in a rhythmic manner. On string instrument... Read More »

Who invented the double bass pedal?

Don Sleishman invented the double bass pedal in 1968. Sleishman's drummer friend Evan Biddle had difficulty playing due to an undeveloped left arm. In response to his friend's disability, Sleishma... Read More »