How to Introduce a New Parakeet to Another Parakeet?

Answer The parakeet, known as a "budgie" in several parts of the world, is originally from Australia and comes in a variety of colors and sizes. The bird is known for its loud voice and has the ability to... Read More »

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How to Own a Parakeet?

Are you looking to buy a parakeet? They are wonderful little birds and perfect pets for kids. Parakeets are easier to care for than larger parrots and are much quieter.

How to Buy a Budgie (Parakeet)?

White budgie (parakeet)If you've been looking for a feathered friend, try budgies. They are easy to care for, and can live in areas as small as apartments to as big as mansions.

How to Get Close to Your Parakeet?

Build a relationship with your pet parakeet by practicing trust exercises before you begin training. Gaining your bird's trust mean that it will be less likely to bite out of fear or aggression. Th... Read More »

Do you need a cage for a parakeet?

If you're raising parakeets, you need a cage for them to ensure their safety as well as for the neatness of the house. Ensure that the cage has sufficient space for them to fly freely. Take extra c... Read More »