How to Introduce Students to Their Textbooks?

Answer Aside from contact with the teacher, the textbook may be the student's best gateway into knowledge the course will give her. If you're stumped as to how you should approach introducing your student... Read More »

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Why Students Need Textbooks?

Although teachers supplement textbooks with other resources such as the Internet, library books and the like, textbooks are useful to students in the classroom. Students benefit when teachers, espe... Read More »

How to Motivate Students to Read Textbooks?

Professors put great time and consideration into selecting textbooks for the basis of their course curriculum. However, students often don't purchase the required reading materials due to cost or d... Read More »

What do people think of IPAD 2 instead of Textbooks for school students?

This is a great way to get books to students without having to store books in a library when there isn't the physical space available. Also, it removes the cumbersome issue of having enough copies ... Read More »

How to Introduce Mean to Students in Math?

The mean of a set of numbers is also referred to as an "average." The formula for finding the mean is to add a set of numbers and then to divide that total by the number of values that you added. E... Read More »