How to Introduce Second Grade Students to Paragraph Writing?

Answer After students learn the basics of reading and writing in the first grade, they are ready to acquire more advanced skills, such as sentence structure and composition. Introduce second-graders to pa... Read More »

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Fun Writing Activities for Second Grade?

Second graders have the ability to write sentences and even form paragraphs. They can write from a prompt, make up their own ending to a story or create poetry. Teachers can foster their second gra... Read More »

Persuasive Writing Ideas for Second Grade?

The goal of persuasive writing is to compel the reader to action or sway the reader's opinion. While the writer should employ facts to lend credibility to her position, the objective is ultimately ... Read More »

End-of-Year Writing Projects for the Second Grade?

Second grade students hone their writing skills throughout the school year. They put more thought into stories than they did in kindergarten or first grade and learn to independently and fluently w... Read More »

Writing Math Objectives for Second Grade?

Math objectives are the standards or benchmarks children are expected to know when they complete a full school year at their grade level. Each state sets their own objectives so there is no one fed... Read More »