How to Introduce Decimals to Fourth Graders?

Answer Teaching children about decimals can be a tricky subject. By the time they reach fourth grade, they should already have a grasp on counting, adding and subtracting whole numbers, but they may only ... Read More »

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How to Convert Decimals to Fractions for Fourth Graders?

Learning how to expedite simple mathematical operations can make the difference between a slog and a skip through your math homework. Converting decimals to fractions (and vice versa) is the first ... Read More »

How to Add and Subtract Decimals in Fourth Grade?

Adding and subtracting decimals is a number-sense lesson taught in fourth and fifth grades and can include calculating money amounts. Identifying decimal place values and knowing the difference bet... Read More »

How to Teach Decimals to a Fourth Grader?

Students in fourth grade face more complex math problems than they did in primary school. A typical math curriculum for fourth-graders includes decimals as an extension of the base-10 number system... Read More »

How to Compare & Order Decimals in Fourth Grade Math?

Fourth grade math introduces complex decimals and how to effectively compare and order them. Decimals numbers can be difficult to compare, since the total number of digits does not reliably offer a... Read More »