How to Intonate a Smaller Guitar?

Answer Intoning a small or "mini" six-string guitar with an adjustable bridge is no different than intoning a full-size model. The guitar has the same number of frets and all the same components, but you ... Read More »

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How to Intonate a Guitar?

Intonating a guitar is vital to good sounding musical performance. What determines a strings exact pitch is the distance between the nut and the bridge. The bridge saddles on electric guitars are a... Read More »

Does smaller thermal conductivity mean a smaller change in temperature?

A smaller conductivity means that the transmission of heat energy will take a longer amount of time. While the transfer of heat may take longer the change in temperature of the objects will be the ... Read More »

Can i replace part of pool pump piping with smaller pipe gluing pipe inside instead of coupler and same size pipe shouldnt be much smaller?

Yes. My 13" TV sat directly on top of the microwave and only minor interference occurred when the microwave was microwaving.

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Ok person 1 looks like they have a smaller bone structure because her legs, arms, and shoulder area looks smaller but person 2 looks like they wear a smaller size because they just look smaller eve... Read More »