How to Intimidate People on RuneScape?

Answer Have you ever noticed people all in a group and wearing the same clothes on RuneScape? Wouldn't you like to be an intimidating figure in RuneScape? Follow these steps and soon you will be a very in... Read More »

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How to Intimidate People in the Dark?

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I hate being tall. I feel like I intimidate people?

Okay, I looked at it from your perspective and I understand the general feeling. I'm a girl, but in my class there's this boy that is extremely tall! But let me tell you something, everyone wants t... Read More »

How to Own People in RuneScape?

Ever wanted to know how to beat people in Runescape? Well this guide will show you how.

How to Rob People in RuneScape?

You're with your clan when suddenly someone yells, "Hey Robotix12! If we've got nothing else to do but kill Varrock Guards, why don't we go pretend to rob people!"You say, "Sure, let's go!"This gui... Read More »