How to Interpret the MMPI-2 With Different Cultures?

Answer The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 is a 567-item test which measures various different traits on a number of scales. This test was designed to understand personality and identify psy... Read More »

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Difference in cultures?

There are some differences but they are more subtle than in your face. We speak the same language (largely, and at least no defferent than moving to another English speaking country...) and have r... Read More »

How to Respect other Cultures?

Sometimes, when wrapped up in the midst of our own beliefs, we can find it challenging to accept others ways of life and rituals. However, close mindedness and intolerance are not the way to go, es... Read More »

How to Learn About Other Cultures?

There are a lot of ways to experience other cultures without having to take a long plane flight. You can travel via the Internet, without ever leaving your house, and learn about other countries, w... Read More »

What Are Cell Cultures?

Given the proper environment and nutrients, a cell removed from an organism can continue to grow. Any such cell or group of cells grown in an artificial environment is known as a "cell culture." Ce... Read More »