How to Interpret a One Sample T-Test?

Answer A one-sample T-test is a statistical analysis used when you want to make a comparison between a chosen sample and the population at large for which an average value is known. For example, you may w... Read More »

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How to Interpret a Two Sample T Test?

T-tests allow you to determine whether differences in the averages of two different samples are statistically significant, indicating actual differences between the two samples, or if the differenc... Read More »

How do you interpret pregnancy test results ?

Home pregnancy tests have improved in quality and accuracy in recent years, with advances in in medical science and purified hormone production leading to highly accurate and inexpensive home tests... Read More »

How to Interpret SOL Test Scores in Virginia?

For parents and teachers in Virginia, the Standards of Learning (SOL) are the state standards of learning assessments that third-grade through 12-grade students take each year. Student scores are m... Read More »

How to Interpret Achievement Test Scores?

When administered with intelligence assessments, achievement tests can help determine if a student has a learning disability. Achievements tests measure academic abilities, such as reading, writing... Read More »