How to Interpret Slope & Y Intercepts in Word Problems?

Answer The two key features of linear equation word problems are the slope and the y-intercept. Most word problems give the information regarding slope and y-intercept in a predictable fashion -- as the r... Read More »

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Math Slope Problems?

The term "slope" refers to the steepness and direction of the line of the graph of a linear equation and is represented by the letter m. Students in Algebra 1 must understand the concept of slope o... Read More »

Landscape Drainage Problems on a Slope?

Sloped landscape creates depth and visual interest but leads to drainage problems. Poor drainage creates a number of landscaping challenges including erosion, standing water and mosquitoes. Identif... Read More »

How to Do Slope & Slope-Intercept Forms?

The algebraic formula y = mx + b represents a linear equation because you can use it to create a line on a graph. The formula tells several pieces of information, including the y-intercept, which i... Read More »

How to Change a Point-Slope Equation to a Slope-Intercept Equation?

"Every fool is a prophet in his own land." This is another way of saying there's always another side to every story or situation. It's often the same in mathematics. The expression (-1/3) x (-9/3),... Read More »