How to Integrate a Choir into a Fourth-Grade Classroom?

Answer In elementary school, there are typically a wide range of clubs and activities for children to take part in. But often they have minimal time to work together to hone their skills, gathering solely... Read More »

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How to Integrate the Internet Into the Classroom?

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How to Integrate Multimedia Into the Classroom?

Students today are part of what researchers call the "N-Gen" -- the generation of students who have grown up with the Internet and cannot imagine school, work or home life without it. Since student... Read More »

How to Integrate Owls Into the Elementary Classroom?

Integrate the study of owls into the elementary school classroom with a variety of hands-on learning activities and interactive displays aimed at inspiring young minds. Develop activities that span... Read More »

How to Integrate Technology Into a Primary Classroom?

Primary schoolchildren in the early 21st century have a greater understanding of technology than their parents and grandparents. This shouldn't, however, lead to young children being bombarded with... Read More »