How to Integrate Document Cameras into the Classroom?

Answer As more school systems adopt document cameras in place of traditional projectors, teachers find creative ways to integrate them into everyday usage in the classroom. A document camera projects a p... Read More »

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How to Integrate Multimedia Into the Classroom?

Students today are part of what researchers call the "N-Gen" -- the generation of students who have grown up with the Internet and cannot imagine school, work or home life without it. Since student... Read More »

How to Integrate the Internet Into the Classroom?

Integrating the Internet into the classroom can offer many benefits to your students. They can learn valuable research and typing skills in addition to the more traditional basics of communication ... Read More »

How to Integrate a Smartboard in the Classroom?

Integrating a Smartboard into the classroom allows the students to participate in hands-on learning activities. You can create your own lesson plan companion education activities or utilize complim... Read More »

Appropriate Ways to Integrate in the Classroom?

In the United States, compulsory education is required of all students, even though the age requirements vary from state to state. The institution of education in America is traditionally composed ... Read More »