How to Integrate AS3 Using PHP & MySQL?

Answer Central to building of business applications with Adobe Flash is the ability to integrate databases built with MySQL and database communication transfer mechanisms built with PHP and AS3(ActionScri... Read More »

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How to Connect to MySQL Using PHP?

If you already know some of the basics of writing PHP scripts, you may be ready to learn about a set of built-in PHP functions that allow you to connect to and manipulate a MySQL database. If you d... Read More »

How to get a data from Mysql using PHP?

you would open the data base and build the drop down box while reading the data in. here is some code i used to fill in the catagories of a select box after adding them in an administration page. i... Read More »

How to Connect to MySQL Database Using Web Expression?

A MySQL database can quite easily be set up to connect through a website using Microsoft Expression Web. Expression Web does not have a special "connect to MySQL" feature, however, so the code mus... Read More »

How to Draw E R Diagram Using Mysql Database Engine?

IntroductionA data model is a document of organized business data which is used as framework for application development. A data model provides the structure and format of data. A database model de... Read More »