How to Insulate a Basement in an Old House?

Answer A basement offers great functionality for a homeowner. It allows you to store extra supplies, build another bedroom and showcase some entertainment pieces such as a pool table. Unfortunately, a bas... Read More »

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I want to insulate my floor in my house if i do so do i put up a plastic sheeting after i put in the insulate?

The plastic sheeting serves as a vapor barrier, and is needed only if your house is in a region where outside temperatures drop below freezing. The principle is that air inside of the house has mo... Read More »

Do you need to insulate a basement?

On One Hand: Save Money on Your BillsInsulating your basement walls, when done well, can take anywhere from $250 to $450 off of electric bills annually, according to An insulated ... Read More »

How to Insulate a Basement?

Properly insulating your home is an easy and environmentally friendly way to save money and keep the internal temperature of your house pleasant all year round. To save the greatest amount on your ... Read More »

How to Insulate Basement Walls?

Homes in colder climates lose a tremendous amount of heat through the basement walls. An energy-efficient basement can help to prevent much of this loss. If you know how to insulate basement walls,... Read More »