How to Install the Power Steering Gear Box on a 2004 F-250?

Answer Replacing the power steering gearbox on a 2004 Ford F-250 super duty truck is a challenging procedure. There are safety issues to be followed closely for a proper installation. The air bag’s cloc... Read More »

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How Do I Dismount the Power Steering Gear Box From a 1978 Skylark?

The Buick Skylark shared the Chevrolet Nova platform in 1978 and was considered a mid-sized car in it's day. Economical and reasonably comfortable operation aided the model's popularity. Power stee... Read More »

How to Repair a Power Steering Gear Box in a 1984 F150?

The 1984 through 1986 Ford F-150 is part of Ford's seventh generation models. It came with a choice of a 115-horsepower straight-6 engine, a 130-horsepower 302 cubic inch engine, and a 150-horsepow... Read More »

How to Change the Power Steering Fluid for a 2004 Ford Explorer?

While there is no factory recommended service interval for power-steering fluid, the fact is the lubricant breaks down over time just like engine oil, gear lube and transmission fluid. Many automot... Read More »

How to Install a Power Steering Pulley?

A power steering pulley is what controls the power steering pump that gives your vehicle power steering. When the power steering pump pulley gets bent, cracked or damaged in any way, then you must ... Read More »