How to Install the Manifold Bolts on a KIA Sedona?

Answer It happens to home mechanics all the time. You're replacing a part and you realize that putting it back on is not as simple as taking it off. Bolts, such as the manifold bolts in your Kia Sedona, n... Read More »

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How to Install a KIA Sedona Manifold?

The Kia Sedona is also known as the Kia Carnival. This minivan uses a standard design manifold to route intake and exhaust gases into and away from the engine. The manifold assembly, which consists... Read More »

How to Remove Exhaust Manifold Bolts?

The exhaust manifolds of your car are what takes the high heat gasses from your engine and expels them to help keep your engine cool and running at its peak performance. Stock exhaust manifolds are... Read More »

How to Fix Exhaust Manifold Broken Bolts?

Nothing can be more frustrating than a broken-off bolt on your vehicle's exhaust manifold. Not only is this putting stress on the rest of the attaching bolts for the manifold and the manifold itsel... Read More »

How to Get the Bolts Back Into My Exhaust Manifold?

Exhaust bolts can be a pain to get back into the block or manifold, especially when the bolt and/or hole are aged veterans. Repeatedly heating and cooling metal can cause it to permanently change s... Read More »