How to Install the Lokar Kickdown Linkage?

Answer Since the late 1980s, Lokar has been manufacturing products for the automotive aftermarket industry. Its line of hi-tech kickdown kits are designed to be cut to the length needed during the install... Read More »

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How to Install Wiper Linkage Bushings?

Windshield wiper linkage bushings help hold the windshield wiper in place. They are found underneath the hood of the automobile and are necessary for the wiper arm and the blade to work properly. T... Read More »

How to Install a Dodge RAM Wiper Linkage?

The windshield wipers on your Dodge Ram truck connected by linkage to the wiper motor. Small pivots within the linkage convert the rotation of the wiper motor into back-and-forth movement to power ... Read More »

What Is a Kickdown Solenoid?

As opposed to a standard transmission, an automatic transmission changes gears for you. This applies to the manner in which the transmission down-shifts. A kickback solenoid aids in that down-shift... Read More »

How the Transmission Kickdown Cable Works?

One of the many essential parts of a carbureted or fuel injected vehicle is a transmission kick down cable. The transmission kick down cable works to shift the transmission to a higher gear automa... Read More »