How to Install eSATA on a 2010 MacBook Pro?

Answer An eSATA, or external Serial Advanced Technology Attachment hard drive, is an external version of the SATA drives that are found in most computers today. These drives are installed in an external h... Read More »

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Should i change my macbook pro 2010 unibody's battery?

Hello,Here are some sites to shop at.……… htt... Read More »

How to Install a Key on a MacBook Keyboard?

A lost or damaged key on your MacBook keyboard can be frustrating to the point that you stop using the computer completely. The keys are designed to be quickly replaced if they break or come off th... Read More »

Can you install Appleworks 6 on a Macbook?

You cannot install AppleWorks 6 on a MacBook or any Mac running Mac OS X, because the installation program fails to run. However, AppleWorks 6 does run on OS X if you have already installed it on a... Read More »

How to install RAM on Your White MacBook?

Today, more computers are using greater amounts of RAM. Apple computers, including MacBooks, are no different. Your RAM, or your computer's memory, affects how quickly it will respond to your acti... Read More »