How to Install an Under the Sink Hot Water Circulator Pump That Plugs In?

Answer A hot water circulator pump heats the hot water before sending it out of the faucet. These pumps prevent water waste, as cold water typically drains from the faucet until it becomes warm. Many of t... Read More »

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What is the problem if your circulator pump for your forced hot water heating system is circulating water when the thermostats aren't calling?

Answer 1 You may have a system that runs the pump(s) until the water temperature has dropped to some value in order to retrieve all the heat from the water before shutdown. That would mean, then,... Read More »

What is a 3-speed circulator pump?

According to, a 3-speed circulator pump is a hot-water recirculation pump. It can be the answer to waiting too long for hot water because it recirculates hot water fast.Reference... Read More »

Leaky Taco 006 circulator pump?

IF this is the pump, and it is leaking from the motor housing, then it is defective. Which is surprising as these things are usually pretty reliable. The second link is for a rebuild-kit - that may... Read More »

What is a hot water circulator?

According to REWilliams Contractor Inc., a hot water circulator is a system that can give you instant hot water from any source in your home, such as a shower, kitchen sink or any faucet. The hot w... Read More »