How to Install an Oil Temperature Gauge on a Harley?

Answer An oil temperature gauge is a good thing to have on your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. By monitoring the oil temperature at regular intervals you can avoid overheating and the resulting oil viscosity... Read More »

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How to Install an Oil Temperature Gauge?

Enthusiastic owners of performance vehicles want to get peak performance from their vehicles. The best way to do this is to know what is going on in the engine. While most cars have so-called "idio... Read More »

How to Install an Auto Temperature Gauge?

The aftermarket coolant temperature gauge is a gas-tube type of unit. The normal temperature for most vehicles, which has been determined to be the most efficient, is 195 degrees F. In many cases, ... Read More »

How to Install a Water Temperature Sensor Gauge in an '87 4Runner?

The water temperature sensor gauge, or coolant tank sensor, is part of your Toyota 4-Runner's coolant system. The system, which includes your radiator, fan, water pump and coolant reservoir tank, i... Read More »

Why Does My Car Temperature Gauge Fluctuate?

The temperature gauge on your vehicle indicates the temperature of the coolant in your engine. A fluctuating temperature gauge suggests inconsistencies in some part of your vehicle's cooling system... Read More »