How to Install an MSD Ignition?

Answer An MSD ignition increases horsepower through more complete burning of the fuel. It does this by way of increasing the spark intensity--instead of one spark, it gives off a multitude of sparks. Thes... Read More »

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How to Install an Ignition Switch?

The ignition switch, which is usually on the steering column and sometimes in the dash, lets you control the ignition system and activate the starter solenoid by turning a key. It also gives you co... Read More »

How to Install an Ignition Distributor?

The power ignition distributor distributes an electrical charge to the spark plugs in the cylinders in your engine. It ensures a proper firing order for your engine and times the ignition of the sp... Read More »

How to Install an Electronic Ignition in a VW Bug?

An electronic ignition (most popularly the Bosch 009 package) can help your VW Bug run more reliably and with a little more power. It eliminates the points-style ignition in favor of full electroni... Read More »

How to Install a VW Ignition Switch?

Volkswagen manufacturers a variety of vehicles known for many of their unique body styles. On the inside, however, the vehicles feature a number of the same standard parts as cars and vans around t... Read More »