How to Install an In-Line Oil Filter?

Answer An in-line filter can be installed as an auxiliary filter to the existing factory oil filter, or it can be installed as the primary filter for engines that do not have a factory oil filter. An in-l... Read More »

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How to Install an AC Line Filter?

An AC line filter is designed to remove interference from signals and electrical noise that is transferred through an AC power line running to a drive. The filter cleans up the line without diminis... Read More »

How to Install a Freon Line Filter?

A freon filter is a type of in-line filter that used with the air conditioning system of your vehicle. Your vehicle's A/C coolant travels from the reservoir to the A/C compressor when the air condi... Read More »

How to Install In-Line Fuel Filter on a 2005 Yamaha ATV?

The gasoline in your Yamaha all-terrain vehicle's fuel tank can be affected directly by the machine's riding environment, usually seen as dirt infiltration into the tank. The fuel supply can also b... Read More »

How to Install an After-Market In-Line Transmission Filter in a 2005 Dodge Diesel Truck?

An after-market in-line transmission filter for the 2005 Dodge diesel truck is sold in most major automotive stores. These filters are not produced by Dodge but are made specifically to fit the tra... Read More »