How to Install an Ignition Switch in a Nissan Maxima?

Answer An ignition switch is a switch box that connects to the lock cylinder for a vehicle's starting system--not the cylinder itself, as many people mistakenly call it. If you need to install a new ignit... Read More »

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How to Change the Nissan Maxima Ignition Switch?

If the key in your Nissan Maxima will not turn in the ignition and your car will not turn on, then chances are that you need to replace your ignition switch. Another indication that your ignition s... Read More »

How to Install a Neutral Safety Switch in a 2000 Nissan Maxima?

The neutral safety switch is a safety feature on your 2000 Nissan Maxima that will not allow the vehicle to be started in any gear except for park and neutral. Over time, these switches can wear ou... Read More »

How to Replace the Ignition Coil in a Nissan Maxima?

The Nissan Maxima utilizes a distributorless ignition system (DIS), which relies on a total of six Maxima ignition coils to create combustion. The ignition coils do this by converting the low-volta... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot the Ignition System in a Nissan Maxima?

You should only check your Nissan Maxima's ignition system for problems if it's an older model, 1999 or earlier. Newer versions with a distributorless ignition system must be completely handled by ... Read More »