How to Install an Ignition Distributor?

Answer The power ignition distributor distributes an electrical charge to the spark plugs in the cylinders in your engine. It ensures a proper firing order for your engine and times the ignition of the sp... Read More »

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How to Connect a Crane HI-6N Ignition Box to an HEI Distributor?

The Crane HI-6N is a capacitor discharge type of ignition. It produces a multiple spark that increases the burn time, which enhances the efficiency of the engine by burning more of the fuel. This r... Read More »

Direct Ignition Vs. Distributor & Coil?

The car's ignition system relays power to the spark plugs to turn the car on. Different component designs have evolved over the years, and include both direct ignition and distributor coil configur... Read More »

How to Wire a Chevy HEI Distributor to a Mallory Ignition Box?

Unlike the vast majority of distributors, in which an ignition coil and a distributor are separate components, Chevrolet’s HEI distributor also contains the coil. Like most ignition systems, howe... Read More »

How to Convert a Point Distributor to an Electronic Ignition?

In the first decades of the automobile, the control of engine timing and spark distribution was through a cam-operated contact breaker. While simple to understand, these mechanical systems were pro... Read More »