How to Install an HDTV Outdoor TV Antenna?

Answer Connecting an outdoor antenna to your HDTV set can help you receive your local HD stations with more clarity. Even if you have cable or satellite service, the antenna can help you pick up new HD st... Read More »

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How to Make an Outdoor HDTV Antenna?

A hIgh-definition TV can transmit free digital television channels, providing that an HDTV antenna is able to pick up the signal from the broadcast towers. You can make an outdoor HDTV antenna from... Read More »

How do I choose a outdoor hdtv antenna?

*1 This will give you information on your question and will allow you to search by your location. It will then make recommendations as to which one(s) to buy.

How to Install an Outdoor HD Antenna?

An outdoor high-definition (HD) antenna has a distinct advantage over the old analog models: the antenna doesn't need to be mounted on a roof to gain a strong and stable TV signal. Mounting an HD a... Read More »

Do I need to buy a HDTV tuner to get 1080p signals over the air on your un55c8000 HDTV -- I have a very good outside digital antenna?

1080p signals are not currently being broadcast on any major network at present. Broadcasters are currently using either 1080i or 720p. 1080p demands twice the bandwidth and it is expected to be so... Read More »