How to Install an HDTV Home Theater Cable?

Answer HDTV sets connect to a home theater system to expand the audio capabilities of the source signal, such as cable or satellite TV, or a Blu-ray player. This connection typically involves a home theat... Read More »

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HDTV + PS3 + Home Theater System = CONFUSION?

Inexpensive receivers will have 2 HDMI inputs and 1 output Like this Pioneer VSX 1017TX. Here's a Link...…The problem with these receivers is they don't pr... Read More »

Your Panasonic home theater sounds better connected to direct tv receiver than to hdtv set?

There are a number of reasons why sound from one device may sound different to another. With the information given, there is no way to isolate the cause so here is some general advice on finding th... Read More »

How do I Terminate an HDTV RG-6 Cable at Home?

RG-6 cable was developed for the HDTV industry. It has the high bandwidth necessary to reproduce 1080p signals needed by high-end HDTVs. It is available with dual-shield and quad-shield insulation.... Read More »

Starting from an hdtv cable box using a split cable going to the pip output can you connect another tv to the pip output and get an hdtv picture on the other tv?

Answer Hi, It really depends on your PIP output on the cable box and whether or not the output is HDTV or standard TV. And in some cases, the PIP output will only display non-HDTV channels, depen... Read More »