How to Install an Electronic Dog Fence With an Existing Wooden Fence?

Answer If you have a wooden fence and still have problems keeping your dog in the yard, an electronic fence can help. Burying an underground fence along the base of the wooden fence can stop a dog from di... Read More »

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How do you install barbed wire on top of an existing wooden fence?

with staples, but barbed wire is supposed to hinder passage, a wooden fence can easily be busted apart... do no suggest doing any of the above

How to Take Down an Old Wooden Fence?

If you want to take down an old wooden fence that has been sitting on your property for years, you can most likely perform the job yourself. It may take you several days to completely dismantle you... Read More »

Electronic Dog Fence Types?

Dog owners want their pooches to have a place to run free, while still being safe in the yard. Fences are not always the best option, whether it is because of the size of the yard, homeowner's asso... Read More »

How do I repaint a wooden fence?

PreparationSelect a paint color for the fence. Determine how much paint is required by measuring the fence's height and length. Purchase or rent all required supplies before beginning the paint pro... Read More »