How to Install an Electric Fuel Pump?

Answer Electric fuel pumps are used on all vehicles produced today, because the fuel injection system requires higher pressure than conventional pumps can put out. The pumps are located in the fuel tank a... Read More »

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How to Install an Electric Fuel Pump on a Carburetor?

An electric fuel pump can improve the performance of an engine. Working on fuel lines requires proper preparation to prevent spills and leaks. A simple wiring mistake, such as reversing the positiv... Read More »

How to Install an Electric Fuel Pump on a 96 Sunfire?

The fuel pump on the 96 Sunfire pumps fuel from the tank to the fuel injectors. When the fuel pump fails, the car sits. Replacing a fuel pump is not overly taxing, but it does involve taking the ga... Read More »

How to Install an Aftermarket Electric In-Tank Fuel Pump?

The electronic fuel pump in a gas tank not only provides fuel to the engine. It also pressurizes the fuel system for fuel injection, screens the gasoline to keep contaminants from the fuel system, ... Read More »

How to Install a 1993 Jeep Electric Fuel Pump?

Having to replace the electric fuel pump on your Jeep can be a challenge for even the most well versed do-it-yourself mechanic. This is mainly do to the fact that Jeep fuel pumps are located inside... Read More »