How to Install an Auto Car Starter?

Answer The ignition system in most automobiles starts with the key. Once the key is inserted in the ignition, this sends an electric pulse to a solenoid. The solenoid feeds power to the starter. The start... Read More »

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How to Replace an Auto Starter?

The starter assembly for an automobile is a relatively simple devise that can cause a host of problems. If the starter gear does not turn, neither will the engine when the ignition switch is engage... Read More »

Auto Starter Information?

Because an auto starter is responsible for cranking your engine, failure of this part can leave you without transportation. Current draw, testing methods and other helpful tips can all be beneficia... Read More »

How to Rebuild an Auto Starter?

If you are handy with tools and want to keep down costs, instead of purchasing a brand new starter you can rebuild your existing starter. The most common causes of starter failure are worn-out bras... Read More »

Signs of a Bad Starter in an Auto?

You climb into your car and get ready to head out for the day. When you turn the key, your car does not start and the day seems ruined. Before taking your vehicle to a mechanic to pay him to discov... Read More »