How to Install an Auto Air Compressor Pulley?

Answer The air compressor in an automobile uses a pulley and a belt to make the compressor work. The belt connects to the crankshaft pulley and rotates the air compressor pulley. The most common reason fo... Read More »

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How to Install an Auto AC Compressor?

When working with automotive air conditioning compressors, if you do not have a reclaimer, you must have a shop reclaim the Freon, as it is illegal to vent it to the atmosphere. Depending on your r... Read More »

How Can You Install Freon if the Auto Air Compressor Will Not Come On?

Recharging the refrigerant on your vehicle's air conditioning system requires that you connect your R-134A recharge kit to the low side fitting near the compressor. With the air conditioning runnin... Read More »

How to Replace the AC Compressor With a Pulley in a Pontiac Sunfire?

Bypass pulleys are a popular option for those who are in the middle of changing their AC compressors. These pulleys are installed in place of the AC compressor to provide a working pulley for the m... Read More »

Auto AC Compressor Problems?

Common air conditioning compressor problems include refrigerant leaks, electric clutch failures, and internal mechanical failures. Knowing the causes of these failures can go a long way to preventi... Read More »