How to Install an Apexi VTEC Airflow Converter?

Answer Apexi manufactures the VTEC Airflow Converter for performance driving and racing applications. The converter allows you to program fuel consumption rates for maximum engine performance in a variety... Read More »

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Removing the Catalytic Converter on a Vtec Motor?

The catalytic converter on a Honda with a Vtec motor cleans up the gasses exiting through the exhaust of the car, and is required by most states for emissions purposes. These catalytic converters d... Read More »

How to Install Apexi Safc?

The Apexi SAFC is an airflow converter you can add to your car to provide adjustment of airflow and air pressure in your engine. It works by interrupting the signal between the airflow sensor and y... Read More »

How to Install an Apexi Turbo Timer?

Turbos generate a lot of heat in charging air combusted by the engine. This can create reliability issues with the turbocharger itself if the vehicle is instantly shut off after heavy driving, as t... Read More »

How to Install an Apexi Turbo Timer on an MR2?

The Toyota MR2's turbos are lubricated with the engine's oil. Even after a normal driving session, the oil will be extensively heated. When you turn off your MR2 straight after driving, the hot oil... Read More »