How to Install an Anti-Sway Bar on the 1998 Toyota Avalon?

Answer The anti-sway bar on a car ties together the suspension on both sides of the vehicle, making it handle and ride better in the process. In a 1998 Toyota Avalon, the addition of an anti-sway bar (som... Read More »

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My 1998 Toyota Avalon Won't Start Without Pressing the Gas?

The 1998 Toyota Avalon's fuel system comprises a complex map of sensors, senders, pumps and injectors. When functioning properly, the Avalon should start with the simple turn of the key, with no ne... Read More »

How to Change O2 Sensors on a 1998 Toyota Avalon?

Your 1998 Toyota Avalon uses two O2 sensors--one before the catalytic converter and one after the catalytic converter. These O2 sensors monitor the exhaust gases coming out of your engine and relay... Read More »

How to Replace the Speed Sensor in a 1998 Toyota Avalon?

The vehicle speed sensor (VSS) on the 1998 Toyota Avalon sends a speed signal to the engine control module (ECM), which is used to control engine operation and provide the speed signal to the speed... Read More »

1998 Toyota Avalon Fuel Pump Installation?

The primary purpose of a fuel pump is to pump fuel from the fuel tank to the engine through a fuel line. Many vehicles have their fuel tanks in the rear and fuel is often stored at a lower height t... Read More »