How to Install an Alternator in a Passat?

Answer Without an alternator, your Volkswagen Passat will not operate. Many people believe a car's battery operates the car's accessories, but it does not. The battery powers the ignition system so the ca... Read More »

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How to Replace the Alternator in a VW Passat?

The alternator in a VW Passat operates various accessories in the vehicle by transmitting an electrical current while the engine is running. The alternator assembly frequently includes a voltage re... Read More »

How to Install a Control Arm in a Passat?

The control arms in a Passat connect the wheel hub, tie rod and shocks. The control arms use bushings to help control arm travel during normal driving. Over time, these bushings fail. Usually, inst... Read More »

How to Install an ABS Relay in a VW Passat?

It is necessary to change the ABS relay in your VW Passat when the ABS warning light is lit on the driver control panel display. It is usually impossible to stop a car that has a malfunctioning ABS... Read More »

How to Install a Sun Roof in a VW Passat?

Installing a sunroof in a VW Passat requires a steady hand and special tools. A sunroof in a VW Passat can be up to 17 inches wide and 31 inches long and makes the driving experience more comforta... Read More »