How to Install an Alternator Belt on a '96 Eclipse?

Answer The alternator belt on the 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse is a single serpentine belt that also controls the other engine accessories. This belt is designed to travel inside of the grooves that are on the... Read More »

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How to Install a Timing Belt on a 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

The Mitsubishi Eclipse timing belt keeps the parts operating in time with one another on the internal combustion engine. If the belt stretches or breaks, the engine will not run properly, if at all... Read More »

How to Install a New Alternator Belt on a VW 16V?

Replacing the alternator belt on a VW 16V engine is important as the drive belt wears over time due to heat in the engine bay and stress placed on the belt from the continuous tension. The belt beg... Read More »

How to Install an E46 Alternator Belt?

The E46 is a fourth generation model of the BMW 3 series. The alternator works as the generator for the vehicle. The belt connects the alternator, power steering and water pump. Over time, the belt... Read More »

How to Install a 3000GT Alternator Belt?

The alternator belt of your 3000GT is a simple device that performs the elemental task of transferring rotational movement from the harmonic balancer to the alternator pulley. Without the belt, you... Read More »