How to Install an Air Filter Over the Air Grid on a Ceiling?

Answer Virtually all HVAC -- heating, ventilation and air conditioning -- systems for residential use operate with ductwork to move warm or cool air through the building. The return vent draws air into a ... Read More »

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How to Take Apart a Ceiling Grid?

You have installed a drop or suspended ceiling in your home and have decided to remodel the room. Removing the suspended ceiling will be much less work and far less troublesome than a conventional ... Read More »

How to Use a Rotary Laser to Hang Ceiling Grid?

Rotary lasers are excellent tools for laying out ceiling grids because they are self leveling and can project a beam around the entire perimeter of a room. When combined with the use of string line... Read More »

How do i cover pink insulation when the basement ceiling is too low to install a drop ceiling?

It's a good idea to cover overhead insulation in a basement area, since pink insulation is actually fiberglass. This fiberglass can fall onto a workbench or into a laundry basket over time. Keeping... Read More »

How to Install a Wiremold Kit for a Ceiling Fan Mounted on a Concrete Ceiling?

Wiremold is ideal for surface mounting electrical wiring, according to its manufacturer, Connecticut-based Legrand, a maker of electrical installation products. It eliminates disturbing the structu... Read More »