How to Install an Aftermarket Sunroof?

Answer A sunroof provides additional cooling for your car when the temperature is high and a brighter driving experience when the sun is shining down. Some cars have sunroofs when they roll off of the ass... Read More »

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How to Seal an Aftermarket Sunroof?

An automotive sunroof has many benefits when used while driving, but they can leak during wet weather which may cause the interior of your car to become wet and moldy. To avoid costly interior repa... Read More »

How to Install Aftermarket Shocks?

Many people opt to install aftermarket shocks because they tailor the vehicle suspension to their need. For example, some vehicle manufacturers will compromise shock absorption for a softer ride, b... Read More »

How to Install an Aftermarket Muffler?

Adding aftermarket parts to your car or truck allows you to customize your ride based on your specific taste. From custom wheels and tires, performance shocks, struts and suspensions to spoilers an... Read More »

How to Install Aftermarket Shocks on a Car?

Aftermarket shocks can improve the ride, handling and performance of your car. Whether you choose a stiffer type of suspension for racing or softer suspension for a smoother ride, you can drastical... Read More »