How to Install an Actuator on a 2008 Z71?

Answer The window actuator of the 2008 Z71 Chevrolet Suburban is located within the doors of the Suburban. If the actuator malfunctions or is damaged, you will not be able to lower or raise your vehicle's... Read More »

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How to Install the Boot on the Actuator Arm?

Actuator arms are devices connected to small, but powerful, motors. These arms are used to lock and unlock doors, pop trunk lids and move amplifier racks, among other useful tasks. The moving com... Read More »

How to Install a Power Lock Actuator?

Power lock actuators provide the mechanical effort necessary to lock or unlock your vehicles door when you push the lock button. The actuator itself is a small, cylindrical device with a plunger at... Read More »

How to Install a Power Lock Actuator on a Ford Super Duty?

Ford Super Duty trucks offer power lock systems comprising a lock switch, lock circuit wiring and power lock actuators. Each door has its own switch and power lock actuator. The lock actuator does ... Read More »

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