How to Install an Accent Tile Border on Drywall?

Answer Accent tile generally is used to create a border around backsplashes, shower stalls and other sections of wall where you need a transition between a tiled section and the rest of the wall. The tile... Read More »

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How to Install Accent Tile Around a Tub?

Ceramic tile is generally used in moist spaces like bathrooms. Accent tile is tile designed to stand out from the main field of tile used to protect an area, like a bathtub surround, from moisture.... Read More »

How do I install tile border?

Measure the AreaMeasure one side of the area around which the border will go. Find the middle of the span. Mark it with a pencil.Hang the TileSpread tile adhesive on the back of one piece of bullno... Read More »

Can you install ceramic tile over drywall?

You can install ceramic tile over drywall, but only for certain applications, and only in specific locations of your home. The challenge with ceramic tile is the grout. Grout is the substance you s... Read More »

Needing to change border color to blue, accent 4, lighter 40%. how do i do this scrolling colors dont see it?

to start you need to specify what you are using.