How to Install an AFE Intake?

Answer An aftermarket intake can improve engine performance in a number of ways, including better power output and fuel efficiency. The exact installation method will vary slightly from one vehicle to the... Read More »

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How to Install an Air Intake on a F-350?

The Ford F-350 is equipped with a dual air intake system. The F-350 truck has a large high-output 8-cylinder diesel engine that needs a lot of air to mix with the fuel. The air intake manifold is l... Read More »

How to Install a 289 Intake Manifold?

The 289 is a very successful, early model Ford V8 engine. It set the groundwork for the small blocks of the future for Ford. The late model Mustang 5.0 is modeled after this great engine. The 289 i... Read More »

How to Install a V-8 Intake Manifold?

Several makes use V-8 engines, including General Motors, Ford and Toyota. All fuel-injected engines use the same configuration, although the parts on the outside of the engine may be located in dif... Read More »

How to Install the Intake in a 94 Mazda 626?

Japanese automaker Mazda released a line of compact vehicles to consumers for the 1979 model year. The Mazda 626 originally replaced the 616 and the RX-2, but eventually became a full-sized car whe... Read More »