How to Install an ABS Relay in a Honda Accord?

Answer You have to change the ABS relay in your Honda Accord when the ABS warning light is lit on the driver control panel display. It is usually impossible to stop a car that has a malfunctioning ABS rel... Read More »

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How to Fix a Honda Accord Main Relay?

The main relay in your Honda Accord powers many areas of the electrical system. If your Accord has an electrical short to power or ground, it could have caused the relay to blow, shutting down the ... Read More »

Does a 1998 Honda Accord have a starter relay?

Honda Accords made in 1998 don't have starter relays, according to a mechanic at Holman Honda in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Instead, this model of Honda has what's called a starter solenoid.Source:Holma... Read More »

How to Replace the Main Relay in a Honda Accord?

Automobile designers regulate high current devices or systems, such as the starter or fuel system, with a smaller amount of current controlled through a series of relays or switches. In Honda Accor... Read More »

How to Access Honda Accord Turn Signal Relay?

When the turn signal relay in your Honda Accord fails, you will notice that your turn signal no longer flashes. The turn signals are the only system you have to alert drivers on the road when you a... Read More »