How to Install an ABS Relay in a Ford Taurus?

Answer For safety reasons, you have to change the ABS relay in your Ford Taurus if the ABS warning light is lit on the driver control panel display. It is usually impossible to stop a car that has a malfu... Read More »

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How to Replace the Starter Motor Relay in a Ford Taurus?

If your 2002 Ford Taurus won't start, the malfunction may come from the starter motor relay, which helps to regulate current to, as its name suggests, the starter motor. Although easy to remove and... Read More »

How to Replace Your Turn Signal Relay in a Ford Taurus?

The flasher in the Ford Taurus is easy to find under the dash. The flasher is only one part that may go bad in the turn signal circuit. Other parts that you should check are the fuses for the circu... Read More »

How to Locate and Replace a 2003 Ford Taurus Blower Relay?

In 1986, Ford released the Taurus, which revitalized the then struggling automaker. The 2003 Taurus came standard with a 3.0-liter, OHV V-6 engine that generated 155 horsepower. The 2004 Taurus als... Read More »

How to Install an ABS Relay in a Ford Focus?

The ABS relay is integrated into the control module on the Ford Focus which in turn is incorporated into the Hydraulic Control Unit. To install a new unit in the Ford Focus requires a moderate amou... Read More »