How to Install a Zerk Fitting?

Answer A Zerk fitting, commonly called a grease fitting, is a nipple-shaped fitting with a hole in the top that is sealed by an internal check ball with a spring behind it. Zerk fittings are usually found... Read More »

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How to Use a Grease Gun Zerk Fitting?

There is a fitting on the ball joints of your vehicle called a zerk fitting. Failing to grease the zerk fittings on your vehicle could lead to a major failure. Newer vehicles have sealed ball joint... Read More »

How to Install Zerk Fittings in a Ford F-150?

A Zerk fitting is a threaded grease fitting that is screwed into components that require lubrication. Zerk fittings can be installed in ball joints, universal joints or parts that contain bearings.... Read More »

How to Install a PVC Expansion Fitting?

A PVC expansion fitting is used to prevent damage done by expanding and contracting PVC pipes. PVC pipes can expand and contract during large temperature fluctuations. An expansion fitting should b... Read More »

How to Install a Banjo Brake Fitting?

A banjo brake fitting is used to connect rubber brake lines to brake calipers on some vehicles. A banjo bolt is a machined bolt that allows brake fluid to travel from the rubber hose through the ce... Read More »