How to Install a Yamaha Amplifier Home Subwoofer?

Answer An amplifier subwoofer pumps out low frequency audio effects for deep bass in a home theater system. Yamaha audio-video amplifiers and subwoofers connect in the same way as other brands of componen... Read More »

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How to Install a Bose Subwoofer to a Yamaha Amplifier?

Connecting a Bose subwoofer to a Yamaha amplifier increases the audio quality of a stereo system. The subwoofer produces deep bass while the amplifier boosts the system's power. Together, they prod... Read More »

How to Install a Car Amplifier & Subwoofer for a Home Stereo?

Car amplifiers are made for a variety of different car uses, so they come in a variety of power ratings and sizes. As a class, they're usually compact and rugged, with powerful performance at a rea... Read More »

How to make an powered subwoofer system for my amplifier Yamaha HTR 5930?

Here is an option...…Note you don't need to worry so much about power ratings. Speaker power ratings are just gross approximations based on some arbitra... Read More »

How to Connect the Bash 300W Digital Subwoofer Amplifier to a Subwoofer?

The Bash digital subwoofer amplifier is a 300 watt amplifier manufactured by O Audio that is capable of delivering 300 watts RMS at four ohms. Despite being called a digital amplifier, the amplifi... Read More »