How to Install a Yaesu XF-30B Filter?

Answer The Yaesu XF-30B is a radio that allows users to keep in touch with other people that are transmitting on a different signal. The XF-30B is a brother product to the FT-847. One feature of the XF-30... Read More »

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What type of coaxial connection for Yaesu FT-101 and FTV-650B Transverter?

there are a number of connections that have to be made between the FT101 and the FTV650B. 28 MHz transmit out from the FT goes to the FTV via the RF output and input RCA connectors28 MHz receive o... Read More »

How do you program a frequency directly into the memory of a Yaesu FT-60 and still hear the audio when you have tried but there is no audio?

Program Yaesu Ft-60 You may have the right frequency, but there a couple or three encoding schemes for encoding the squelch control on the radio's receive section. You won't be able to hear any au... Read More »

How do I Install an AFE Air Filter?

The AFE air filter has one of the most important jobs in keeping any engine at peak performance. When air is filtered through the fabric of an air cleaner element it traps debris to keep it from en... Read More »

How to Install a K&N Air Filter?

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