How to Install a Wireless Linksys Adapter?

Answer In addition to both wired and wireless routers, networking technology company Linksys also makes a line of USB wireless adapters. These adapters, when properly installed, allow you to connect your ... Read More »

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How do I set up a network with a Linksys wireless adapter?

SetupMake sure all equipment is unplugged and turned off before you start. Plug one end of an Ethernet cable into the port labeled "Internet" on the wireless adapter and insert the other end into t... Read More »

Can an Xbox 360 wireless adapter work with a Linksys?

The Xbox 360 networking adapter is officially compatible with various Linksys routers. Depending on your network settings, you may need administrator privileges to be able to successfully connect t... Read More »

Linksys USB wireless v2 adapter driver for Ubuntu?

Here is the Official Ubuntu Wireless DocumentationCards Supported…Troubleshooting/Howto/General…In the event of y... Read More »

Linksys Wireless Adapter Won't Connect to the Internet?

A Linksys wireless adapter may encounter a glitch that will cause it to disconnect from the internet. If the service in your area is not experiencing an outage you may need to trouble shoot your ad... Read More »