How to Install a Wine Rack?

Answer Having a wine rack is essential to keep wines securely stored, as well as ensuring maximum display to have bragging rights over friends and family. Wine bottles are heavy and can often be extremely... Read More »

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How to Rack Wine?

Racking wine is the process of separating wine from its sediment.

What wine goes with rack of lamb?

Lamb is a very versatile meat to pair with wine. Wine expert Karen MacNeil said in her book "The Wine Bible" that "American lamb is a perfect all around meat for wine." Lamb does, however, pair bes... Read More »

What does rack mean in wine making?

In wine making, racking means removing the sediment after the initial fermentation. A racking tube or siphon is used to drain the wine from the primary fermentation container, leaving the sediment ... Read More »

How to Mount a Wine Glass Rack?

Wine glasses are an integral part of enjoying wine. While wine can be consumed out of just about anything that holds liquid--or straight from the bottle--stemware has been carefully researched and ... Read More »