How to Install a WRX After-Market Exhaust?

Answer For turbocharged cars, upgrading your exhaust should be the first modification done if you're looking to increase performance. Not only will you free up extra horsepower and give yourself a good s... Read More »

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How to Install After Market Motorcycle Exhaust?

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How to Quiet an After-Market Exhaust System?

Aftermarket exhaust systems are usually installed for one of three reasons: normal replacement, increasing performance and altering the sound profile. Aftermarket exhaust systems may have a signifi... Read More »

The Effects of Putting After Market Exhaust on a Ford Power Stroke?

Although an aftermarket exhaust system will benefit vehicles of any engine type, diesels (and in particular Powerstrokes) stand the most to gain. Whereas aftermarket exhaust systems are geared prim... Read More »

How to Install After Market Fog Lights?

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