How to Install a Vortec 4200 Valve Cover Gasket?

Answer The Vortec engine is a GM-trademarked name for its General Motors trucks, which include Chevy and GMC. The Vortec engine creates a vortex inside the combustion chambers, which creates a better air-... Read More »

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How to Replace a Valve Cover Gasket on a Vortec 4200?

The GM Vortec 4200 engine puts out more than 1 hp per cubic inch. Most GM engines, except for early Z28 engines, some big blocks, and the fuel-injected 327 cubic inch engines, did not put out anyth... Read More »

How to Install an FJ80 Valve Cover Gasket?

The valves in a Toyota FJ80 Land Cruiser regulate the amount of fuel that enters the vehicle's combustion chamber. If the valves get dirty or are damaged, they can cause the pistons to misfire. To ... Read More »

How to Install a Cherokee Valve Cover Gasket?

Replace the valve cover gasket on your Cherokee to prevent engine oil leaks onto the exhaust and side of the engine. Over time, the heat of the engine causes the gasket to dry out and crack. The Ch... Read More »

How to Install a Valve Cover Gasket in a Passat?

The valve cover has an important job for the engine: It keeps the valves protected and lubricated. If the valve cover gasket goes out, then the valve cover will leak out oil, potentially damaging t... Read More »