How to Install a Valve on a Wall for a Washer?

Answer Washing machines use water from a valve in the wall. While most homes have the valve already installed, your home may need the valve attached to the pipe in your laundry room to provide the washer ... Read More »

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How can I tell if my washer solenoid valve needs replacing or if I need an arrestor?

I guess a mini arrestor should do the job. In case, you do need to change the solenoid valve, check out the ones made by this company –

How to Replace a Water Valve on a Kenmore Washer?

The hot and cold supply hoses on a Kenmore washer are connected to an electromechanical valve mounted on the back of the washer. This valve turns the water supply to the tub on or off in conjunctio... Read More »

How to Replace the Washer in the Shower Diverter Valve?

Diverter valves are installed into faucets to stop the flow of water and divert it to another location. In the case of a sink faucet, the diverter causes water to flow out of the sink sprayer. In s... Read More »

Is it necessary when raising a load bearing wall 4 feet to install a new beam in the exact spot where the wall originally was?

that depends: if it's carrying old dimensional lumber floor or ceiling joists that are lapped at the wall, yes. if it's carrying floor or roof trusses, you may be able to get a repair detail from... Read More »