How to Install a Transmission Pan in the 700 R4?

Answer The majority of 700 R4 automatic transmission oil leaks are from the pan. It can be frustrating to install and remove the pan several times when trying to halt the leak. New gaskets and sealers can... Read More »

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How do I Install a 727 Transmission?

The 727 Torqueflite is a three speed automatic transmission manufactured by Chrysler in the 1960's. Installing a 727 is a simple but critical process. The installation follows a simple step by step... Read More »

How to Install a T5 Transmission?

A T5 transmission is designed typically for drag race applications. This durable transmission type gives the driver the opportunity to quickly service the transmission, whether on the race track or... Read More »

How to Install a New Transmission?

The transmission is an important part of any vehicle's driveline. The transmission is responsible for transferring the engine's power to the driveshaft, and from there to the wheels. When the trans... Read More »

How to Install a Transmission Pan?

Installing the transmission pan and ensuring there is an adequate amount of fluid will help to ensure the transmission shifts smoothly and without incident for a long time to come. The pan serves a... Read More »